Demon Damager (#678)

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Demon Damager is a Player from Argentina.
They signed up on Ainu .
Last seen: .
They play with Mouse, Tablet, Keyboard, Eggplant.
Global rank #678
Country rank   #10
PP 887
Ranked score 24,795,184
Total score 94,048,197
Playcount 142
Followers 1
Replays watched 0
Total hits 31,350
Accuracy 95.09%
Ranks SS+
Ranks SS
Ranks S+
Ranks A
Level 24
Hi im ChronosRark1st (in Bancho's server) but now in Ainu know by Demon Damager alias i-yitsure (ZoneRark Damager). Im STD Player, Taiko player and mapper, Mania Player, CTB Noob player and I enter to this server only for fun ;P

YouTube | Twitter | Github | Reddit
osu!server (Bancho host)
osu!Ripple <----- here can find more private servers
Skin (varius versions)
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