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Bread is a staff member from South Korea.
They signed up on Ainu .
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They play with Mouse, Tablet, Keyboard, Touchscreen, Spoon, Leap motion, Oculus rift, Dick, Eggplant.
Global rank #1
Country rank   #1
PP 13,492
Ranked score 494,665,754
Total score 772,245,885
Playcount 1,109
Followers 4
Replays watched 14
Total hits 586,980
Accuracy 95.54%
Ranks SS+
Ranks SS
Ranks S+
Ranks A
Level 49
it's ya boi bn

I DO NOT ACCEPT OVERMAPPED/OVERRATED(with LN, trills)MAPS and any of our Mania BNs(if we get them in the future) shouldn't as well.

Q : what's a overrated map?
A : Triumph & Regret, C18H27NO3 on the trills, and Blue Zenith last diff(4K) for the LN side. All maps that I have here is the ranked ones on bancho, of course and is loved on Ainu, due to it giving too much PP.

Q : How do I request maps?
A : *DO NOT DO IT BY DMS ON OSU*. get into our discord server(on the tab there, it says Community) go there, and request in there.
If you request maps by DM, it will be ignored.(unless you can't access Discord due to an important reason.)
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