ThinCat (#195)

(aka b0mZ9)
Offline (7 followers)
∷ 『 ッ Ínstínctly ™ 』∷#8113
ThinCat is a staff member from Thailand.
They signed up on Ainu .
Last seen: .
They play with Mouse, Keyboard.
Global rank #195
Country rank   #37
PP 499
Ranked score 14,611,209
Total score 76,728,008
Playcount 253
Followers 7
Replays watched 33
Total hits 20,622
Accuracy 95.18%
Ranks SS+
Ranks SS
Ranks S+
Ranks A
Level 22
img pic
- I luv u Noel and Simon too..goddamn best person in the universe :)
- Working as a BAT here, doing a good job ngl
- Got top 15 back..but not for long
- Ppv3 inc
- Credits to MR.b0mZ9 for inviting me to this server and meeting a cool community
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